Cross Culture Understanding

unduhan (1)Culture is an approach in getting what people need. In operating culture, people need to understand how to operate the culture so-called “Cross culture understanding.” When the culture is run-well, people have three advantages: relationship, business and education.
Relationship is very essential in doing activity whether formal situation or in informal situation. Moreover, when people act an agenda need to many partners in solving the event. And applying culture is totally significant to create result. What’s more, people are to attend some elements as supporting the event such as how to communicate, how to coordinate, and how to socialite with the other people. Those will bring us to have many benefits in life, specially.
Furthermore, in doing a career, the operators, the employees or supervisors, are to understand related to culture where they stand on because there find many kinds of culture. Further, to make result, they must know deeply about how to understand someone with cross-culture understanding treatment. As results, they will make believing among them, businessman, and making consistence as the result of having a great commitment of the understanding of the culture.
On balance, the most significant one is having impact for education development. In improving education, the educators are to have basic perspective of culture because they will collaboration with people from difference place. Moreover, they must know how to go with culture to avoid a weakness as effect such as shock culture, among them. Some advantages having brilliant understanding of the cultures are partner building and position building. In building partner, culture understanding is the first supporter which can show the quality of the partner’s, positive or negative attitude. By having an understanding of the character of the partner, the educator knows what to do and decide the decision. Further, position building has some requires as the manner how to get planned. For example, if the educator wants to be a professional people in their career, they should make a good correlation with the other one as co-worker in getting high quality of career by having basic understanding of culture and know how to apply it as well. As obtaining, they, at least, have ways to discuss with the others.
To conclude, it seems likely that ‘Cross-culture understanding’ is really important to have or all people doing activities or businesses as supporter of finishing their job; moreover, in communication and getting the planning or the target. This can guide the operators to get satisfied with the result of their business when they have various advantages, among operators and customers, and having understanding between them. Further, understanding culture is the necessity of doing activity, especially in group.
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