Kampoeng English Pare

Pare or better-known as the English Village is a city located in Kediri, East Java. The number of places in the Pare English course formed ​​this a English village is quite famous in Indonesia despite of the fact that there are also plenty of other language courses such as Mandarin, Arabic, or Japanese.

Every year, especially during the school holidays, many students from various regions in Indonesia start from elementary, junior high, high school, and college students come here to learn and deepen their knowledge of the English language. In addition, many students who came to attend preparation English tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, etc., or even just to make a study tour (tour-to-learn).

The one that makes many students come to this place is because they believe that the United Pare village is a good place to learn English, because in addition to the strong atmosphere or mood to learn English in this place, places also have courses in Pare system that is very different from other courses where, one by requiring students to speak and communicate using English all the time. This is the main attraction for the students to learn in this place.
For those students especially liked or want to deepen the knowledge of English language, English Village Pare can be made as one of the places that must be considered for the visit.

See you soon 🙂 Kampung Inggris


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